We need Rescue Riders!

Rescue Riders are folks with a free couple of hours once or twice a month to drive dogs from the shelter to one of our foster partners or to a private rescue group in Richmond, such as Richmond Animal League. 

All drop off will be made at either the foster partner's vet clinic or at the rescue groups public facility.  So daytime availability Monday through Saturday is best.

All you need is a car and an old blanket.  If you have a crate that is great, if you don't and want one to transport the dog, we can provide one but we ask that you always return it to the shelter for the next ride.

You can't imagine the feeling you will get looking in the rearview mirror and seeing the face of a smiling (or usually sleeping!) dog knowing that you are taking them to safety; to the next step in finding their forever home.

We are working on our creating a database of volunteers.  Please let us know a little about you and how you would like to help!


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