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This is Leigh!  She is THE FRIEND in "Friends of Cumberland County Animal Control".  She is one person who saw a problem and decided to fix it! 

In 2013: over 300 dogs and almost 200 cats came into Cumberland County's Animal Control. 38 were adopted172 were transferred to other rescues.  277 were euthanized.

Leigh learned about these horrible statistics and decided that something had to change.  So she started the"Friends of Cumberland County Animal Control"Facebook page and got involved in January 2014

In 2014, 524 animals were taken in.  With the help of an incredible Animal Control Officer, Leigh doubled the adoption rate, doubled the number of animals transferred out to other rescues and euthanasia was reduced by 63%. 


The 2015 statistics are in...545 animals came through the shelters doors.  97 were reclaimed, 152 were adopted and 248 were transferred to private rescue groups

 497 animals were saved in 2015!

Leigh works tirelessly to save every dog and cat that enters the shelter. She photographs, accesses behavior, and spreads the word via social media. She coordinates adoptions and medical care, transports animals to veterinary appointments and adoption events, and works to place animals with less rural rescue groups. Her favorite thing to do is provide "Rescue Rides" (which, appropriately, is her license plate) in which she will hand delivers an animal to their new home…sometimes several states away!

All of this is done on her own time and her own dime, which is incredible considering she is a single girl in her thirties with a full time job! (Oh, and her full time job is helping at risk children in the court system.) Her selfless dedication to the lost, abandoned, abused homeless animals of Cumberland County knows no limit.

 Instead of saying, “Someone please do something”,

be like Leigh and be “the someone” who does something!  


Leigh was named a 2014 "HOMETOWN HERO"

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